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    In the twentieth issue's spotlight, we feature an exclusive interview with Victor Ekpuk, Nigerian American artist based in Washington D.C., Ekpuk is celebrated for his bold and expressive paintings, drawings and sculptures that offer sociopolitical commentary while encompassing themes such as cultural memory, humanity, spirituality, and identity of the African diaspora. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our esteemed artists and art writers who have contributed their remarkable talents to this issue. Special gratitude goes to our dedicated board member, Zoltán Somhegyi (Hungary), whose insightful contributions to the magazine continue to enrich our content. Additionally, we had the privilege of collaborating with renowned international art critics, including Leo Crane (UK), Anna Guillot (Italy), Meera Madhu (India-UAE), Lenka Piper (Czech Republic) and Brajan Vojinović (Serbia) whose expertise and perspectives have added depth to our discussions. Finally, we would like to acknowledge Fabio Gamberini, our editor in the Artificial Intelligence section, for his invaluable contributions to this issue and his ongoing dedication to advancing the intersection of art and technology. He interviewed Alex de Borba. Alex is a Chief Executive Officer for Atmostfear Entertainment, this organization stands as the first hybrid to make a pioneering mark in media, arts, and academia. 

    For this Issue we had a chance to find out more about the Africa Institute's Exploration of African Islands in the IndianOcean. The Africa Institute organizes its series of conferences about the Indian Ocean, marking the third edition ofthe Institute’s annual initiative, “Country-focused Season.” This ongoing series delves into the exploration of oneAfrican country or African diaspora community through a range of scholarly and public programs. Situated in theheart of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates and affiliated with the newly established Global Studies University (GSU), TheAfrica Institute is an interdisciplinary academic research institute dedicated to the study, research, and documentation of Africa and the African diaspora.

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