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  • Issue 21

    Issue twenty-one features an interview with Francesco Capasso. He was born in Naples in 2001, and he approached photography as a teenager. Today his photographs focus on the impersonation of man within a possible landscape, as a communicating mediator of work. But above all in his latest works, he conceives the image as a form of experience, between the observer and what is represented. Photography as an immersive performance, between the author's experience and the observer's reflection, the latter is part of the final process and contributes to a possible idealization of the represented image, a new landscape.

    Zoltán Somhegyi (Hungary), whose insightful contributions to the magazine continue to enrich our content. Additionally, we had the privilege of collaborating with international art critics, including Federica Falchi (Italy), Majid Heidari (Iran), Sophie Kazan (UK), Flounder Lee (USA) and Brajan Vojinović (Serbia) whose expertise and perspectives have added depth to our discussions.

    Fabio Gamberini our editor in Artificial Intelligence section's article is the result of a deep collaboration between humans and machine.

    For this Issue we had a chance to find out more about Association TIMIDWA. Timidwa means 'Friendship’ in Tamasheq. Friendship is the foundation of Association Timidwa, bringing people together united in common creative goals. Timidwa, founded in 1997 by Mohamed El Maouloud Ag Hamid, is a collective of over 100 male and female artisans, including silversmiths, leather, and wood workers, from Timbuktu, Mali.

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